Monday, March 21, 2005

Giants HC Tom Coughlin a Jacket fan???

Interesting story.

Sitting in his office at Giants Stadium a week ago, Tom Coughlin took a couple of minutes to watch the end of the championship game of the ACC tournament between Duke and Georgia Tech.

With Duke ahead by three and a Blue Devil shooting what should have been a game-clinching free throw, Coughlin looked at the television.

The foul shot clanged off the rim, but a Duke player got the rebound and scored a championship-clinching basket.

"BOX OUT!" Coughlin remembers yelling through the television screen to the Georgia Tech player. "BOX OUT!"

The Giants coach then got on the telephone and talked to one of his sons about the play and the importance of fundamentals.

It begs the question - is he a Jacket fan, or just a Duke-hater?