Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ties run deep

While not directly tied to GT, this is interesting. Story here. The 6'1" point guard Albert Fisher commits to James Madison, where former GT coach Sherm Dillard was head coach. Dillard gets canned and replaced by another GT assistant Dean Keener. Fisher decides to ask for a release from JMU and it is granted. Now he signs with Siena, where of course Paul Hewitt was head coach prior to arriving at GT. Wild.

On a different note, we know that UConn has been added to the football schedule. It is believed to be the first time that teams that faced each other in the hoops national champsionship then meet again the following football season. In another "ties that bind", did you know that the head coach at UConn is none other than Randy Edsall, a former GT assistant - story here.

These ties make a difference and it appears to influence schedules. We will play James Madison in hoops this season I believe, I mentioned UConn in football. Our 1st football game will be against Samford, where Coach Gailey was the former coach. Nepotism is alive and well.