Monday, June 21, 2004

Coach Hewitt on 790 the Zone

I caught only about 45 minutes early this morning getting ready to head to work - I am traveling again - this time in Albany NY. Heard him talk about some of these subjects:

- was very kind to Bobby Knight, but when put on the spot said you don't put your hands on players. Was asked if he would send his son to play for Knight - responded that for some kids he is the right type of coach, and for others the wrong type - just like he would be. Ever the diplomat

- asked about the Eddie Sutton comment about OSU beating GT if they played a 10-game series. Coach said if OSU had played in the ACC, no way they would have come into that game with their "gaudy" record. No way they get out with less than 6-7 conference losses. Said OSU had a good team, but that GT was prepared and ready to beat them based on ACC competition. Then he said he would have actually have like to see a 10-game series to get mroe shots at the title game.

- I missed this but RamblinRed reported that Coach said Jack and Bynum were going to be working as counselors at the Nike All-American camp in Indianapolis the 1st week in July, while Isma'il and Elder would be doing the same at the Adidas supercamp at Suwanee GA at the same time. No doubt this will help boost recruiting and we should expect a lot of "unofficial" visits to GT during that time.