Monday, June 21, 2004

Could Oliver Purnell be leaving Clemson already?

I live in Clemson territory and one thing I can tell you. Clemson basketball will ALWAYS be 2nd fiddle to football. Not that this is a terrible thing, but it is reality. That's one reason why Rick Barnes ran off to Texas. Purnell is proving you can recruit good players to Clemson - he has an outstanding class (top 25) coming in this season, and already has some nice commits for 2005.

However, this story is saying that he is being considered for the Ohio State hoops job. He has some ties in Ohio. I tell you what - this would hurt the ACC in my opinion. Purnell looks like he can be the guy to bring them back to a solid competitive level again, where they consistently compete in the middle of the pack and occasionally make a good run. Losing him could put Clemson's program back for the next 10 years. Really.

From Purnell's standpoint, Ohio State is probably a better opportunity for success. Like I said - hoops at Clemson will always be 2nd fiddle. In the ACC, no matter how good the Tigers get, climbing the ladder over other opponents will be tough.

Personally, I hope he stays. He's a bright young coach and helps really strengthen the conference top-to-bottom.