Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Recruiting - Football

We are still in strong contention for Maurice Wells, the top high school RB in the nation. You can read this free article about his visit to the GT camp in ATL this past weekend - link here. Interesting that his host is D.Bilbo, who has been through his share of trials and tribulations at GT. Obviously the staff trusts D-Bo a lot or they wouldn't have him as a "host" for Wells. Probably says a lot for his maturity. I sure hope D-Bo can show some skills this season at WR. Looks like Wells also had time to talk with Coach Gailey and Coach Nix:

”I had a chance to sit down with Coach Gailey and Coach Nix. I had a great conversation with them. Coach Gailey is a great coach, and he is a good person to talk with. At the camp we did agility drills, ran 40’s, played some seven on seven. Bilbo was there between sessions, and we talked some more. I love the Tech campus too.”
Wells has a top 3 of GT, Ohio State and USC. My belief is that Ohio State is probably the favorite, but who knows.