Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Global Games - Game 3 versus Russia

Well, teamUSA lost to Russia in double-OT (story here), the first loss for USA since 2001. Here is another re-cap. However, this happened to be an exhibition game, as Russia and USA were in different pools. So if teamUSA beats Croatia today and Lithuania on Friday, they will play for the Gold medal for the 3rd year in a row.

As far as the game goes, first off, the team was missing the 2-leading scorers from game 1. J-Smith was back in ATL taking a test and one of the other players was ruled ineligible. TeamUSA led for most of the game, but sagged back into a pack-down zone. Russia took advantage and shot their way into the game.

J-Smith will arrive at about 4:00 pm tonight and will play.

Here is how our recruits stacked up (game stats are not up, so I'll do the best I can):

Ra'Sean Dickey
Scored 22 points and led teamUSA in scoring

Anthony Morrow
Scored 8 points

As I find out more on the others I will let you know.