Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Recruiting - Hoops (updated)

Some Updates:

: Nice update on him here.

He's been called undersized, not athletic enough, and an assortment of other critiques. But the performance of Fairfax High senior power forward Jamal Boykin on the final day of the Watts Summer Games over the weekend showed exactly what his supporters have touted about the teenager from day one.
Simply put, Boykin is a winner, a tireless worker on the court who maximizes every ounce of his ability while playing a clean but physical style of ball. He was the difference in the Lions' 44-38 championship victory over Dominguez, scoring 19 points and grabbing seven rebounds while helping dictate the tempo and effort that his teammates gave at both ends of the floor.

"He's our rock," Fairfax coach Harvey Kitani said of his star forward, who helped lead the school to its first Division I state title back in March. "Everything we do revolves around him, and he sets the table for us with his work ethic and desire. Jamal's a special talent, and there aren't many kids out there like him."

There are college coaches and recruiting analysts who have reservations about Boykin, an all-state honoree as a junior, over his lack of height (he's generously listed at 6-foot-7) and what most perceive would be an inability to make a move to small forward at the collegiate level.

However, despite what anyone else thinks about his long-term potential, the bottom line is Boykin gets the job done, and he's gotten it done against some of the best the prep level has to offer.

And there are those who recognize that, as evidenced by the fact that he's already received scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Illinois, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Kansas, Louisville and Nevada.

I know there are other forward prospects scattered throughout the high school scene that might offer more physical gifts and upside than the Fairfax standout. But if you could put together a team with 12 players who embody what Boykin brings to the court, then winning games would be the least of your concerns.
As far as schools, he is considering GT, BC, Illinois, Pitt, Louisville, Oregon, Wash, Duke. However, the big question continues to be - will Duke give him an offer. Looks like he is their 3rd choice so he would have to wait. But he seems the most interested in playing at Duke. Louisville is probably out now that they have received commits from a bunch of high profile recruits. If Duke does not offer, GT would have a strong chance to land him. He is ranked #66 by Rivals.

The 2-sport standout visited the GT campus last week for hoops. He is a top 60 prospect in football, but is considering both sports. He is not ranked in the Rivals top 150. He is 6'7" 275lb. He has dual sport offers from Auburn and UGAg, but a football only offer so far from GT. He can get a football offer from any school he wants. The key is hoops and it is not clear which schools are holding back until he makes it more clear which sport he wants to try. GT is in his top 5. He is not a nationally ranked player in hoops and I am not sure about his hoops talent or potential.

This 6'3" SG is making a strong name for himself this summer. He is AAU teammates with Charles Jackson and he visited GT with Jackson last week. Clinch has offers from GT, UGAg, Auburn, Miami, Tenn and others. We are in good position with Clinch but it is still early in his recruiting.

We are no longer offering Ra'Sean Dickey's younger teammate. He is 6'8" and very thin, but very talented. Breeden and Dickey have been mates for years and it looks like he is ready to be out of Dickey's shadow. So take him off your radar.

This 6'4" SG has GT in his top 3 along with Marquette and Wisc. Averaged 16 pts, 8 boards, and 4 assists his junior season.

We are in his top 4, but another 2-sport star. Played at Chris Bosh's high school and is on the Global Games TeamUSA with our 4 incoming recruits. I still put it a longshot to land him. He doesn't fit the typical Coach Hewitt mold of a big physical PG, but no doubt he is quick and has a nice cross-over. Can handle the rock.

One of the most talented players in his class nationally. Ranked anywhere from #6 to #30 in his class by the various services. We are in his top 3 and right in the running for this 6'6" 210lb SF. Has offers from all-over, including Kansas, UNC, Arizona, UConn, Illinois. All the bigs. Would like to sign at the same school as Kevin Rogers, even though both guys are losing their hope of this happening.

A 6'8" 220lb PF ranked anywhere from #26 to #47 in his class. We are in his top 3. As mentioned he is buddies with Calvin Miles. We have offered 'ships to both players. He is being recruited by all the same schools as Miles - all the bigs. Both guys have already visisted Oklahoma and will visit Kansas and GT in July unofficially. I would say Kansas probably has the edge with them, although I am not sure how all their recent committments will impact their decision.

This 6'9" 220lb PF has GT in his top 5 and is ranked anywhere from #13 to #43. Also being recruited by UConn, Indiana, Kansas, Mich and NCST. He is a lefty with a nice outside shooting touch. Needs the most work on defense.

Ranked anywhere from 42 to 74, a 6'7" 215lb PF also being recruited by UGAg, Miami and Auburn. Known for his dunking ability. Averaged 15 points, 12 boards, 5 blocks and 2 assists his junior year. Has already made an unofficial visit to GT. He is still waiting some of his academic test scores so this could impact recruiting. Overall, probably an Auburn lean.

The 6'10" 230lb center is a very coachable kid who wants to learn. Being recruited by the bigs such as Duke, Kansas, UNC, as well as BC, Florida, Georgetown, NCST, Villinova and others. He is very tight-lipped about his recruiting but he is ranked anywhere from #13 to #16 in his class and one of the top prospects. By the end of the summer he could be another one of these kids considering a jump to the NBA. Duke wants him pretty badly. Believe it or not, this kid can likes to stroke the 3 every once in awhile also. A nice touch for a big man. Supposedly we are in his top 5, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope of landing him. We'll just have to watch this develop.

A 6'11" 285lb bigman. We are in his top 5 along with UNC, UConn, Georgetown and Rutgers. Only UNC has not offered a free ride and they are looking at a few other bigs ahead of him. He may have to wait awhile from them. Bynum is actually not listed in the Rivals 150 but should rise during the summer with more exposure. He is thought to be a Rutgers lean since he has some friends going there, but he will take visits to UNC and GT which could change his thinking fast. He averaged 17 points and 13 boards his junior season.

6'9" 215lb PF has offers from GT, UConn, Georgetown, St.John's and is interested in others like UNC and Pitt. Stronger defensively than offensively but can shoot the ball. Ranked #150 by Rivals.

For a peek into the class of 2006, check out this player:

Dwight Howard's high school teammate has us in his top 3 or so, but it is so early. He will only be a junior this season. I saw him play last December and take over the game when Dwight Howard fouled out. They happened to be playing Ra'Sean Dickey's team. Jaravis ended up getting game MVP honors. He is a 6'5" combo-guard. He can shoot and handle the ball well. He is ranked in the top 60 by Rivals. Also interest from Tenn, WF, UGAg, Louisville, UNC, but it appears his only offers right now are from GT and Tenn.