Friday, June 25, 2004

Hewitt and team getting bck to the summer routine

Very well written story by - link here. Note that he gets a plug in there for the 2005 recruiting class, making sure they understand that playing time will be in abundance:

"There's a lot of playing time available for kids in the '05 class," he said, alluding to the departure of seniors Luke Schenscher, B.J. Elder, Will Bynum, Anthony McHenry and Isma'il Muhammad. "We're going to be recruiting an awful lot."
Of course going to the national championship game does not ensure anything:
"You get in front of more kids, but it's still a very competitive industry," he explained. "You've got a lot of great programs out there. When I go to recruit, yeah, they recognize the year we just had, but behind me are five or six other teams that have been to the Final Four in the last five or 10 years. It's competitive."
Nice to know the current team is on campus working out and Luke S. will join them soon. One thing is for sure - this will be one of the most talented and experienced teams going into the pre-season, and integrating the freshman should be interesting:
The four-man incoming freshman class is one of the most talented in Tech history, and Hewitt is expecting them to provide plenty of punch off the bench.

"I think all four have a chance to have great careers here," predicted Hewitt, who just signed a new six-year contract. "I don't know who's going to get out of the gate fastest, but I think all four have a chance to be great."

Integrating the freshman into the rotation will be a challenge, but Hewitt plans to lean on his upperclassmen to ease the transition and lighten the burden on the coaching staff.

"I think we will rely on the veteran players," he said. "It will clearly be the most experienced team I've had since coming to Georgia Tech. That should also make it easier for us as coaches to teach and get guys to understand what we want them to do and how we want them to do it."