Saturday, June 26, 2004

Is ATLANTA a bad sports town

That's the rap. "They don't show up to support winners". Too many teams in the city. They gave standing O's when Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game against the Braves. I was at Cal Ripkin Jr's last game at the Ted when he knocked 2 HR's and the fans cheered until he came out for a curtain call.

Are these bad fans - or is this just a product of a big city with a ton of teams? Have ATL fans seen so much losing that they are not used to consistent winners. I remember decades ago when there were bumper stickers that said "Go Braves........ and take the Falcons with you".

As far as GT is concerned, we have never gotten a lot of support from the "sidewalk" fans. That's the realm of UGAg. Our fans tend to be alumni or friends and family of alumni. Oh, we'll get more sidewalk fans during the up years, but not like other teams.

This story tries to address the question about sports fans in ATL.