Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sorry for the Web site problems

Well, as the saying goes "there's no such thing as a free lunch". Imagine my surprise this morning when I pulled up the GT Blog and a warning popped up that "Active X controls are not allowed with your security settings". What????? I don't have any Active X controls. Then I see Buzz's note in the Tag-Board that the site has "downloaded viruses to his PC".

I headed over to the website of the service that hosts our little message board (tag-board), and guess-what - we have our culprit. Evidently anyone using that service woke up to that rude surprise. The "owner" claims that they have been using a small number of pop-up adds on the free boards to support the site. He added a new "ad supplier" to the rotation that unknowingly asked for software to be installed on user's PC's. He suggested NOT installing it. Well, ddduuuuhhhhh. He claims he will be talking to that supplier and fixing the problem. Personally, I would have suggested telling users that you had pop-ups in the first place.

I have killed the tag-board and hopefully it won't cause anymore troubles. My sincere apologies if it caused you any problems. I cannot tell you how much that ticks me off. Ok, I didn't pay anything, but they should have sent an email warning and didn't.

In the meantime, until I find another option, you will have to use the commenting system for individual posts to be heard.

Sorry again.