Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Could Tony Hollings start at RB next season for the Texans??

Thanks to someone (can't remember) for the tip on this one. Even though they have the reigning Rookie of the Year in Domanick Davis, he could be pushed by Tony Hollings. Sorry, but it ain't going to happen this year unless injury takes hold. Story here.

Domanick Davis vs. Tony Hollings, running back

Davis burst onto the scene as a rookie fourth-round pick last year when he rushed for more than 1,000 yards, despite missing the first part of the season with an injury. Davis has already gone on record as saying 2,000 yards is his goal this year. But Hollings might have something to say about that. The Texans took him in the supplemental draft last summer with the idea he could be a back of the future. He was coming off knee surgery, so they knew it would take some time. Hollings flashed at times when he did get on the field last season, and could be more of an every-down back than Davis.

Edge: Davis. Been there, done that.

Opening-day starter: Davis. It's not going to be easy taking away his carries.