Sunday, November 23, 2003

Tiger fan, give me my medicine...

Yesterday's loss to the hated crapaliers was tough for me to stomach for one additional reason that most have forgotten...I laid down SERIOUS smack to Clemson fan throughout the year after they spanked us in our house. The biggest claim that I made was that we would end up tied with the Tigers in the ACC. Obviously, this was too much to put on the young Tech team that got blown out at Clemson, at Duke and BYU (although the score didn't show it there).

Where does that leave me? In the unenviable position of having to lay claim to the Tangerine Bowl for the Tigers. If they end up getting dissed by Tangerine without being given a chance to turn a bid down for the Tire Bowl, it's a disgrace. To say that Matt "6-6" Schaub and his crew deserves a trip to that bowl after being beaten by Clemson, who is ranked ahead of them and simply killed USC (not THAT USC) yesterday is ludicrous.

A few thoughts on the game/season:

1) Chan Gailey still deserves coach of the year. This guy took a team in utter chaos, made an unpopular choice for QB (Ball's own DAD disagreed with the decision), and went out there preaching the gospel against Auburn, FSU, Maryland, NC State, and Wake when no one else did...all teams that looked better than us on paper.

2) PJ Daniels might not jibe with the win-loss column, but what a weapon he's become looking towards the future. I look forward to us riding his back to another bowl bid next year and he did well yesterday when he was given the ball. The guy is a gamer.

3) Scott's point about the team relying on Ball is a good one, and a great omen for the future as well. I can't remember feeling better about the Jackets heading into the conclusion of a season, and I lay all the credit on Gailey for having the guts to put Ball in there and leave him alone--and let him screw up games in order to learn for the long run.

Let's hear it for snowy blue turf, 50 Tech fans in the stands, and an offseason in the weight room!

To hell with Georgia!