Saturday, November 29, 2003

Ripped again

Well, even though the score was not as lopsided as last year, the result was just as frustrating as the Dawgs took it to us. Just too many mistakes on our part cost us the game. R.Ball only played one half due to a mild concussion, but I was starting to worry about his emotions. I love the intensity he plays with but today I think he went a little too far over the edge. He was trash talking after every play and I think he lost his focus on running the team. Although I did love the play where he leveled that defensive guy instead of going out of bounds.

All in all a frustrating game. But let's get on with life. I am sure the coach bashers will be out in force on the other sites, but let's look at the entire year before making our judgements. I still say with all the adversity this team faced, they beat expectations and had a successful year. Let's hope we can end it on a high note by winning a bowl game. Although right now, I am HOPING that we actually get invited to Boise. If Wake loses to MD then we are the last bowl eligible team in the ACC. If WF wins, then we may be competing with them for a bowl. Guess what - Wake is up on MD right now 14-6. At least we beat WF head-to-head. Also, Virginia took care of business by beating VaTech.