Sunday, November 23, 2003

Guess who showed up in Snowy Ithaca???

Our hoops team deserves some congratulations after holding off a Cornell team that was shooting 50% in the first half in a packed house that got loud when they pulled to within one. BJ Elder, Isma'il Muhammed, and Marvin Lewis took over at that point and sent the Jackets on a 14-2 run that effectively iced the game.

Who deserves the biggest mention after a tough week in which his coach went on the air to defend him on sports talk radio in Atlanta? Luke Schenscher turned in a great night with 15 points, 7 boards, and only 2 personal fouls in 30 minutes of play. Since I've been quick to criticize Luke in his earlier two games, it was good to see him get in a groove...and not a game too soon with UConn coming up!

How about those Huskies? My take is that we keep it close and then lose by 5-10 points, but leave with a 3-1 record, some outstanding confidence, and an awesome RPI booster. Not to mention the team gets to spend a few nights in the big Apple and even play in Madison Square Garden--for (hopefully) the last time this year. I'll guess that we run, but they run faster and the score looks like 95-85 Huskies.

You GOTTA be excited by what these extremely underrated Yellowjackets are doing on the court so far, and if Luke shows some consistency, I think that we could make a move into the middle of the pack (or beyond) in the ACC where we belong.