Saturday, November 22, 2003

Jackets fall in Charlottesville

Well, the Jackets just couldn't get it done. They lost to UVA 29-17. Watching the game on TV was frustrating. Bottom line is that the offense did NOT make enough plays. A big INT and a big fumble hurt the Jackets. The O-line did not seem to perform well. Ball was under pressure most of the day. The defense played ok and managed to keep UVA out of the endzone most of the time (5 field goals). However, they did move the ball. And we just did not seem to get much pressure on Schaub. Also, how many times did we miss tackles - a bunch!! They had a TON of yards after the first hit.

Jonathan Smith had another good game (91 yards receiving and another punt return for TD), but other than that not much.

How about this - we are 6-0 when Reggie Ball throws a TD and 0-5 when he does not. We are 2-5 when he throws an INT and 4-0 when he does not. As much as we love PJ Smith, our success really depends on Reggie Ball. In PJ's best 5 games, we are 3-2. In his worst 6 we are 3-3. Not a ton of difference. But those stats on Ball with INT's and TD's are a BIG difference.

Well that puts UVA and GT with identical records and with the UVA win, probably means we will be headed to Boise. How disappointing.