Friday, November 28, 2003

I hope this starts to put to rest....

....the comments questioning Paul Hewitt's ability to coach. I have been a passionate supporter of Paul Hewitt on this site and what he is doing with this program. On the discussion boards he gets plenty of props as a recruiter but people have questioned his ability to coach. I can understand that given our seemingly minimal progress the last few years. But the truth is Hewitt has had to deal with a tremendous amount of adversity since arriving.

I pray that we will continue to see what we are seeing. He will make us ALL believers in him as a coach on the floor. Here is a guy who can recruit with the best, stands up for his players (a la Luke), calls out the NCAA when needed, is highly articulate, is polished and professional on the sidelines. Now people will see the fruits of what he is trying to do here as a coach on the floor. I sure am proud to have a guy like this representing MY school.

If you don't believe me, check out what Bobby Knight had to say - click here. Like Knight or not (I don't), the guy knows hoops. MAJOR respect from BK.

Thank you Paul Hewitt!! GO JACKETS!!!!