Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Luke in the spotlight

The big day has arrived, and even with rumors of Okafor on the sidelines with back spasms (fear of Luke perhaps???), I think that tonight is going to be a great opportunity for Luke to show off the skilz that we've been hearing about from Hewitt and others. To me, points aren't the point--I want to see this guy get boards, say 10 or so. Luke made good progress against Cornell, but if he's gonna get 30 minutes tonight, I think he should be focusing on defense and rebounding. We know you've got it in you, Scott would say: "take it to the hizzouse!"

Did anyone notice that Ohio State got beaten badly by San Diego State in the Maui classic? Too much time on the beach, maybe??? Perhaps--except that sends them to 0-2 in this young season, playing us in the Big Ten-ACC classic in Columbus after tonight's Tech game vs. the Huskies. Interestingly, SDSU is a fast team with a good frontcourt and little talent in the middle. Sound familiar?

If the Jackets can avoid a blowout tonight, you have to hand it to Hewitt and the guys so far...they've been closing out these games in nice fashion and even in years when we had more talent, Tech has always had trouble putting teams away. We could be in the midst of an outstanding run to move into conference play...Go Jackets!