Wednesday, November 26, 2003

GT up at the half over UConn

Watching the 1st half was EXCITING. All I can say is INTENSITY. This team has hustled in the 1st half like nobody's business. Hustled for rebounds, hustled to help on defense, hustled to get out on the break and hustled to get back. Here are some specific notes

- Moore has some FIRE!! I was very impressed with his intensity. Strong on the boards and defense. Even hit a 3-pt shot.
- BJ is ON FIRE. Dropped 15 in the 1st half. No doubt BJ is a big-game player.
- Strong work on the boards. Generally nice block outs and a swarming hit-the-glass mentality. We actually OUTREBOUNDED UConn in the 1st half
- Weak in transition defense. UConn is excellent with transition offense and a lot of their points came easy this way. Need to tighten this up.
- Is'mail has incredible ball control. I am very impressed with his ability to dribble in traffic and find the basket. Had a wicked dunk on a fast breatk, then he almost blocked the fast break shot on the other end. WOW!! HUSTLE!!
- Luke played very respectably. Hustled, got a few rebounds, scored at least one bucket, got called for a couple of questionable fouls.
- Robert Brooks went down late in the half with an ankle sprain. Two guys had to carry him off the floor. NOT GOOD. I hope it is not that serious, but we will see.
- Jack playing a nice game. Has made a couple of ill-advised passes, but generally solid. Jack has a very nice pull-up jumper from the top of the key. I wish he would look for it more often.

On the UConn side
- Ed Nelson looked quite "pimped out" on the bench. Long silver chain on his neck, earings. Crazy thing is he may find playing time next year difficult to come by.
- Okafor definitely in pain, but hustling none-the-less. He is a big-time player and we definitely are benefitting from his back-problem.

I don't know what this team will do in the 2nd half, but if they can play with this type of intensity in every game, I have NO DOUBT that this is a top 25 team. NO DOUBT!!!