Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Continental Tire board has gone nuts

I have seen some major flaming on message boards, but I have to say there are some creative folks posting messages on this board. Yes, there are some no-class idiots, but there are also some very funny posts


- "Take UVA and VaTech or nobody will be going" - From governer of Virginia

- "I was excited for their game back in 2000, but I became very angry when Lee Corso picked the Hokies. So I struck down his car with a bolt of lightning. I didn't mean for the game to be cancelled. It is time for a rematch." - From God

- "Invite GT or a plague of locusts will rain upon your game" - From God again

- "Charlotte sucks. I want to go to Boise. Please pick GT". - From Matt Schaub's boyfriend (ok a little tasteless)

- "My school is too good for the Tire Bowl" - Thomas Jefferson