Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Clemson invited to Peach Bowl

Looks like the 2nd bowl invite has occurred - Clemson to the Peach Bowl.

What does this mean?? Well, because Clemson played in the Tangerine last year, NC State is probably going to get invited to the Tangerine. That means GT would Probably get invited to the Tire Bowl in Charlotte NC, while UVA would head to Boise. That is because UVA played in the Tire bowl last year, and generally bowls do not like inviting the same team back 2 consecutive years. On top of that, the Big East Rep is probably going to be Virginia Tech and I am sure they do not want to have a UVA/VaTech matchup again because those 2 teams play this week. So actually our chances are decent that we will NOT end up in the frigid winter. Heck, Charlotte is only about 4 hours from Atlanta. We could probably get a good crowd there.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.