Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Most popular underdogs ever in hoops

Bryan's post about the top 5 centers in GT history got me thinking. Forget talent - who were the most popular players that never achieved top level status beyond GT?

My list will focus on the more modern era.

1. James "Mad Dog" Munlyn - an absolute fan favorite. Hard to top to cheers he got when he came into a game.

2. Eddie Elisma - a workhorse that gained the respect and admiration. Another fan favorite.

3. Karl Brown - remember when that guy would come into a game and start getting on the opposing PG by guarding him from about 1 foot in? "Pesky" and "Hyper" were two good words. The fans loved it!!!

4. Craig Neal - "Noodles". Remember his senior year (my freshman year). He dished out assists like nobody's business. In fact, in my garage the other day, I found one of those pom-pom shakers they used to handout. On it I wrote "Tech 91 Duke 87, 2-28-1988, Hammonds 29 points, Neal 19 assists". I was there- that's awesome baby. That 19 assists still stands at the GT single game record.

5. Brian Oliver - I think everyone liked Brian and of course he was an important part of "Lethal Weapon 3". Never went on achieve greatness in the NBA but was a fan favorite at GT.

One guy starting to get honorable mention on the current team is Robert Brooks. He seems to be well liked and always cheered when he comes into a ball-game.