Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where are they now - Jarrett Jack

Nice blurb on Jarrett Jack:

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PG - Jarrett Jack

He came into last season so far down on the depth chart one wondered if he'd nab any playing time at all behind Telfair and Steve Blake, but Jack not only played his way into the rotation, he played Telfair and Blake right out of Oregon. Jack is a steady floor general in the mold of a Travis Best, he's steady and efficient and always looks to put the team first. He's not spectacular, he's not flashy, but he's the kind of point guard that coaches love because they're more concerned with fundamental leadership and playmaking rather than crossover dribbles and no-look passes. Leave that to his new back-up Rodriguez, nicknamed 'Spanish Chocolate'. Jack is going to disappear into his role as starting point guard, just the way coach McMillan would want it.