Sunday, October 29, 2006

Football Recruiting - WOW!

The weekend comes to a fitting conclusion as the Jackets get a verbal commit from 4-star Michigan speedster DB Cedric Everson. Well here I go spouting off star rankings. I know - talking out of both sides of my mouth. Anyhow, Everson is certainly a standout in the state of Michigan, one of those potential lockdown DB's who also is quite the offensive standout. This from's website:

As a junior Everson had 13 interceptions and he returned 10 of those for touchdowns. He also returned 10 punts and kicks for touchdowns; He has registered a 4.29 forty and a 10.5 100m.

Supposedly Everson had in the range of 50 offers and could be basically pick any school in the country he wanted. He chose well.

Welcome to the flats Mr.Everson. GO JACKETS!!!!!