Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where are they now - Chris Bosh

Fixed form has Bosh jumping with joy

Now tell me this isn't cool - Chris Bosh was off last season on his jumper. Now, we all know he was pretty sweet from 3-pt range during his one year on the flats. He was good for about 1-for-2 a game. Last season his missed all 13, and basically stopped taking them. In the off-season he got some advice on his form, and it has evidently paid off - the jumper is back. Guess who gave hime the advice?............... give up.............. how about Clarence Moore !..... No kidding. Clarence is a coach now

The first of the two adjustments came after Bosh's stint with Team USA at the
world basketball championship, while Bosh was shooting with former Georgia Tech
teammate Clarence Moore -- who never played in the NBA, and is now a coach.
Moore noted that Bosh's hands were too close together, and urged him to move his
right hand to the side of the ball.

"And I did it," said Bosh, "and
it worked."