Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's Buzzin'

Some "buzz" out there that Pat Clark might be headed back to the offensive side of the ball, with the corners fairly set............... Well, at least the success of James Davis and CJ Spiller has not gone to their heads - oh wait, maybe it has.................. I will tell you - last night's beatdown of Clemson by VaTech is the result of gloating and back-patting by the team and media in upstate SC all week. It was a result of focus - or rather lack of focus. Clemson needs to adopt a 24 hour rule of their own. So you have VaTech putting the beatdown on a Clemson team that put the beatdown on a GaTech team that put a beatdown on VaTech. So tell me who's the best ACC team now? Folks, this thing is wide open and Georgia Tech is in the BEST position to win their division versus any other team in the entire ACC. But I can tell you, GT fans are worried about this Saturday. Miami comes into the game with much of the same mental attitude as VaTech came into last night's Clemson game - us against the world / band of brothers - you know the drill.

Miami has released publicly the punishments they handed out to players - list here.

  • The development of a sportsmanship program with the 30 high schools in the Greater Miami Athletic Conference.
  • "Meaningful, ongoing" work with a charity of each player's choosing.
  • After-school visits with South Florida youth to both tutor and discuss values such as sportsmanship and behavior.
  • Added work with the Miami-Dade County police's "Join a Team, Not a Gang" program, including players visiting youngsters.
  • Involvement in other outreach programs, including ones with the homeless.
Well, nice going. These guys really know that football is secondary to life. But I digress............... Here's more on Miami's troubles.