Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Buzzin'

Calvin is getting more and more Heisman buzz now that Adrian Peterson is out for the season. ESPN's panel of "experts" now has him at #2 in the race, but it would take a major collapse by Troy Smith for it to happen.................... You can vote for CJ here. Lastly, this site shows their NFL Mock Draft list with Calvin going #1 to the Titans..................... The AJC blog decided it might be fun to ask fans what their headline should have been after UGAg's loss, considering Gov Purdue's reaction to last week's loss. Some of my favorites - "Once, Twice, two times a lady", or "Governor put on suicide watch as VU prevails", or "Dogs lose by less this week", "Brains over Brawn Dawg Gone It" and the winner - "Dawgs Play Like Perdue Chickens"........... in other news, The Miami announcer who acted like a whacko on his CSS commentary during the brawl has been fired. The most interesting part of the story to me - that CSS consulted with Miami officials before firing the commentator and fomer Miami football player. Interesting because all he did was talk about the fight and they wanted him fired. What should that mean those same Miami "officials" recommend to the players who participated? We already know about 13 players have been suspended for one game and one kid indefinitely. In addition, they lost one of their starting LB's due to injury. I guess the suspended kids will have more time for their new 7th Floor Crew album. I hear Ed Nelson is available to produce. And the irony of all ironies - October 14th was Miami-Dade Police Dept's "Join-a-team, not-a-gang program". Out of the frying pan and you know what...........

Go vote for Buzz again.................. Also vote for GT to beat Clemson at the ESPN Gameday site.