Saturday, October 14, 2006

Latest ACC Standings

Here's the latest after an NCST loss to Wake Forest, an FSU win over Duke and a UNC loss to USF. After the Georgia loss today to Vandy (yeah baby), it's seriously looking like Clemson is the clear toughest competitor on our schedule this season. Go figure.

Also take note - on this date there is only one ACC team undefeated in conference play - your Georgia Tech Yellowjackets!!!!!!!

Let's review the coaching hot seat

Tommy Bowden for president. Too bad they couldn't get rid of that guy like they wanted to 2 years ago. Then they wouldn't have the hassle of competing for a conference title now.
Chuck Amato back in the fire. Clown college is again accepting applications.
Frank Beamer plays the legend card. Besides, his players let him off the hook by making people realize he's trying to manage a circus.
Bobby Bowden - daggum it, we just beat Duke. What do you people want?
John Bunting - dead man walking
Larry Coker - in the hot-back-seat for the moment - on slow roast. But it'll be time take the lid off the crock pot when they head to the ATL and decide if it's time to be served.
Ted Roof - the man can't walk on water or turn water into wine, so back off.
Al Groh - will stick around, but why'd you hire your boy pop? You have to go to bed with that boy's mama every night. Ever think about that? Did you ask Pappa Bowden first? Mistake.
Jim Grobe - on the undercard as Tommy Bowden's running mate for the moment.
Chan Gailey - should be thumbing his nose at detractors with chorus's of "I told you so". Of course, best to wait until the season's over.
Ralph Freidgen - The memory of those 1st 3 10-win seasons is starting to fade. Go ahead and hire Joe Hamilton. Might as well grab hold of the defining player of your coaching career.

Note to all coaches - just keep winning baby. That's the ticket.

(As Of October 14)
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Clemson 3-1 .750 6-1 .857
Wake Forest 2-1 .667 6-1 .857
NC State 2-1 .667 3-3 .500
Boston College 2-1 .667 5-1 .833
Florida State 2-2 .500 4-2 .667
Maryland 0-1 .000 3-2 .600
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Georgia Tech 3-0 1.000 5-1 .833
Virginia Tech 2-2 .500 4-2 .667
Miami 1-1 .500 3-2 .600
Virginia 1-1 .500 2-4 .333
North Carolina 0-3 .000 1-5 .167
Duke 0-4 .000 0-6 .000