Thursday, October 12, 2006

Football - CJ and Agents

Ran across this blurb with Coach Gailey speaking about Calvin Johnson and agents:

Georgia Tech All-American wide receiver Calvin Johnson has been a star since he arrived on the Yellow Jackets campus three years ago, making it no surprise that sports agents have taken notice.

Gailey has spoken with Johnson and his family about ways to deal with agents.

Johnson often refuses to answer his cell phone if he doesn't recognize the number. Contact with an agent could jeopardize Johnson's playing status.

"It does become a concern," Gailey said. "That's a little bit of a two-way street though. If a player wants somebody around, he can allow them around. If he doesn't want any interaction, those agents will pretty soon find that out."

This season is a particular concern for Gailey because after this year, Johnson will be eligible to declare for the NFL Draft. He's projected as a first-round selection.

"I think [Johnson and his parents] are fairly educated about what to look for," Gailey said. "If there are any problems, they should let us know."