Saturday, January 08, 2005

Coaching - Pro or College?

Interesting article on what it takes to be a head coach in college and/or NFL.

Bobby Ross has been an assistant and head coach in high school, college and the NFL. He won a national championship with Georgia Tech in 1990, led the San Diego Chargers to the Super Bowl in 1995, took the Lions to the playoffs twice and is now trying to rebuild Army after a few years in retirement.

He says his NFL experience has made him a far better college coach, but he also sees a higher level of intricacy in the college game today.

"After being out of football a while, what I've found is that the colleges have followed the pros in schemes on offense and defense," he says. "You're seeing a lot more sophistication in throwing schemes, coverage schemes. Colleges have adopted a lot more of the pro system. Certainly, the pros are still more varied in complexity, but I've seen seven or eight quarterbacks who have the ability to play at the NFL level this year."