Thursday, January 27, 2005

Speaking of Recruiting at GT...

...check out these quotes from former lady hoops coach Agnes Berenato:

"It became a home, and I thought that either I would retire there, I would die there or I'd get fired there. I loved Georgia Tech, I loved Atlanta," she said.

But as much as she loved Georgia Tech, she also acknowledged some difficulties the school presented with recruiting.

"I believed in the education of Georgia Tech, but it is a technical institute, so it's very, very, very difficult to recruit. The average SATs are phenomenal, and the choice of majors is very limited," she said about her former school.

"It taught me a different way of coaching, I became a technical coach. Everything was angles ... You'd say to a kid on the free-throw line to follow through, and they'd say, 'How many spins do you want on the ball?'"