Sunday, January 16, 2005

Today's Game Matters..... A LOT!!!!

Look, I wanted to be more competitive in that UNC game. But let's look objectively at things. TODAY'S game matters a LOT more than the UNC game. Why? Well....

1. This game will legitimately separate us from the middle of the ACC pack. Right now, UNC and Wake Forest have done that. Duke does not get that pass until they play someone good in the ACC. Winning this game would put GT at 3-1 with the only loss at UNC. A legit record for an upper echelon ACC team.

2. The monkey off our back..... NCST has beaten us 4 times in a row, and 8 times in a row on their home floor. In fact we have never won at their new RBC building (5 times in a row). So, if we are going to be considered upper echelon, we need some quality road wins. Beating this monkey on our back would certainly qualify.

3. The expectations of winning at Chapel Hill were low. Not only were they playing as well as anyone in the country, but as a road game, it would have taken a perfect performance from our banged up team. It really is too bad we won't see them in ATL, because they clearly showed against Wake Forest that they are a different team on the road (as we are a different team at home).

4. The expectations of beating a struggling Wolfpack team are high. Face it, we lose to these guys and the perception of where this team is takes a big hit. Yes, we are hurt, but so are the Pack - why do you think they are struggling? We lose and we take a BIG hit in the rankings. We win and we may not even drop after our loss in Chapel Hill.

So watch this game - knowing that every free throw, every rebound, every steal will matter MORE than it did when you were all pissed off watching the Tarheel game. Winning this game is ooohhhhh ssssoooo much more important that the last game.