Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where are they now - Anthony Hargrove

Try Anthony Hargrove - Tight End. Believe it or not, that is likely coming to a Rams game near you. Story here.

Martz said Hargrove, who was recruited by Georgia Tech as a quarterback, then missed his final season with the Yellow Jackets because he was academically ineligible, is still learning how to play defensive end.

"Here's a guy that played quarterback for most of his college career, and sat out a year, so all of that is new to him," Martz said. "To take off and just run like crazy, and try and get the ball carrier or the quarterback is good. He can do that, and he's a terrific athlete in that respect. But, there's so many other things that are involved that he's learning, and he has come light years, just in the last four or five weeks, with all of that."

Martz said he'd eventually like to use Hargrove as a tight end in goal line situations.

"I've seen him catch, and he has excellent hands," Martz said. "He can absolutely catch the football. We will use him there eventually. As he calms down, and learns the defensive end position, his role will expand. He catches the ball so well, and he's such a physical guy, that to not use him in years to come on goal line or what not wouldn't make sense."