Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Gregg Doyel looks at the Freaks

Thanks Kyle for the link to this. Major props from Gregg Doyel at Sportsline on who he calls the 10 college hoops players that "freak him out" because of some physical attribute, size, or speed, etc. Here's what he said about Isma'il Muhammad, who he has at #1:

1. Isma'il Muhammad: In eight years covering college basketball, I've never seen anyone with Muhammad's combination of size, strength and explosiveness. In all sincerity, any NFL scout seeking the next Antonio Gates needs to take a long look at this 6-6, 228-pound Georgia Tech senior.

Now, here's the funny part. In the comments about the story at the bottom, someone said that Will Bynum is probably more of a freak for his size than Isma'il. Doyel replied to the comment as follows:

He was on the list until I realized I had two players from GT. It's a flimsy excuse, but I was trying to spread the love a little -- but you're right. I can't get Bynum's transition dunk against Kansas out of my head.