Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hoops Notes

1. On a recruiting note, 2006 recruit Javaris Crittenton and 2007 big-man prospect Gani Lawal were at the Wake Forest game. Javaris is a 6'4" Point Guard in the mold of that Coach Hewitt likes and is believed to be favoring GT......... Here's a story about Cliff Darrell, the next big man to come out of Texas, following Chris Bosh and Lamarcus Aldridge...... While I have no info that GT is involved with him, there is mention of George Raveling seeing him in 7th grade. Of course Raveling and Paul Hewitt are close friends. So you never know....

2. Jackets finally seeing things fall into place..... It's funny. People have said it here this week - the difference between winning and losing is a fragile thing. It's a fine thread. If Anthony Morrow hits just one shot against VaTech, maybe we win that game. We almost threw away the game against WF with that break-away intentional foul. It's a fine line.

3. Momentum. Hard to get. Hard to keep....unless of course it is losing. Then it seems you cannot shake it. How many people were ready to write off GT to the NIT tourney after the 3 losses, and how many now are ready to pencil us in to the Sweet 16 again? The truth is that we are never as good or as bad as we think. It's our emotions that swing all over the place.

4. Eric Williams is a tall order..... That kid is playing like a star for WF. All the talk was Chris Paul, but it was Williams who single-handedly kept WF in that game. Major props to EW. We were lucky that he had to come out in OT. Lucky..... More on Williams....

5. Team's confidence coming back...... Nice to see.

6. Slowing down Chris Paul was a team effort. Of course, it's the same formula we've used in all 3 games against him. It will be interesting to see how other teams try and stop him.....More on Chris Paul....... A Whacky week in the ACC.... How does Herb Sendek keep his job?...... When will Pete Gillen lose his?

7. Last season, Coach Hewitt lobbied to make sure refs understood that Luke Schenscher was getting a disproportionate number of personal fouls. It worked. Guess what - he's making his point again - only this time with Jarrett Jack:

"I think Jarrett Jack is an outstanding player," Hewitt said. "I'm not sure that when a player as good as Jarrett does some of the things he does, like getting knocked off balance or stumbling, I'm just not sure he's doing that all on his own.

"I'd just like to see a kid who has established himself as one of the better players in the league be treated as such. Chris Paul is a great player. But when Jarrett takes a shot and it hits the side of the backboard, he's too good for that. When he's dribbling the ball in the middle of the floor and falls down, I've got to think something is there."

8. Where are they now - Kenny Anderson, entered Friday night's game needing only 7 field goals to reach 4000 for his career. Anderson is in his 12th year in the NBA...

9. Terps return home to face GT. By the way, with Maryland's last victory over Duke, Gary Williams passed Bobby Cremins on the all-time list for ACC wins by a head coach. He now has 135......... More on the match-up, including the fact that both teams are coming off wins over top 5 ranked teams....

10. Is it really time to start talking bubble teams? MSNBC asks that question.

11. The team headed to Maryland one day early to beat the ice storm. Turned out to be a good move.