Saturday, January 15, 2005

Recruiting - Maurice Wells

Update - article

Well, I was right. You don't announce that you have signed a new RB transfer the week before one of the top RB's makes a college choice unless you already know he has chosen another school - and he has. Maurice Wells is headed to Ohio State, to pursue that glorious education that we have been hearing so much about lately.

Truthfully, I wish him the best. He seems like a great kid and doesn't deserve bad things happening to him. I just hope that Ohio State program doesn't blow up in his face. Of course I am sure the NCAA will do everything they can to ensure they are still a football power.

What does his high school coach Adam Geis have to say (who also happens to be the son of Buddy Geis, a GT coach):

Geis said that while he wishes Wells luck with the Buckeyes, he is concerned that OSU's penchant for playing bigger running backs will preclude Wells (5-10, 177 pounds) from being a starter.

"I've been his biggest fan for three years," Geis said. "And I hope everything he wants comes true. But he's always told me he wants to run the ball [in college], and I just don't see it happening there."

Geis' father, Buddy Geis, is an assistant coach at Georgia Tech, though Adam Geis said his family connection with the school that finished runner-up for Wells does not drive his concern.

"If he wants 20 carries a game somewhere," Geis said. "I just think there are other schools that fit him better, and not just Georgia Tech. Ohio State has always had big pounders running the ball, and I don't see that changing."

In the end, family won out, as he has locals in Ohio. You can't argue with a kid with a chance to be close to family. So best of luck Maurice. We are disappointed, but you win some, you lose some. The rich get richer..... and the beat goes on.