Sunday, January 16, 2005

Georgia Tech President - "A Hypocrite"

Wow, strong words from this columnist. I'll take out the choice stuff so you get the idea.

Besides their superlative curriculum vitaes and prestigious seats on the NCAA Division I-A board of directors, what do the presidents/chancellors of the University of Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Kansas, and Michigan have in common?

All appear headed for a unanimous, first-ballot induction into the Hypocrite Hall of Fame.

These directors have stubbornly stood in the way of a Division I-A football playoff system, in part because they claim it would extend the season too long and interfere with academics.

You don't need a PhD in civil engineering like Georgia Tech president G. Wayne Clough to dismiss their hypocritical logic.

The main reason why the presidents of the biggest Division I-A schools don't want a playoff is because it would threaten their near-monopoly on the multimillion-dollar spoils of the bowl system.

Interesting stuff for sure. Are we really suprised that BCS conference schools don't want a play-off system? Of course not. Why - it's all about the money - period. We're no different in that respect.