Friday, September 17, 2004

Where are they now (Updated)

Quick note - I'll have links later, but Jon Barry and Kenny Anderson have been signed by the Hawks. Anderson and Barry will reunite as teammates for the first time since the 1991-92 season with the Yellow Jackets.

Official Release - Kenny Anderson
Official Release - Jon Barry
AJC Article
Sports Network
Hawks website - Kenny Anderson

Quotes from Kenny Anderson:

"This is great,” said Anderson, “this move brings me back to where I started. Naturally, I followed the Hawks during my days at Georgia Tech and watched many of their games at The Omni, and also had the chance to play there with the Yellow Jackets. Atlanta’s my home away from home and I am excited about it.
I’m getting the opportunity to play with two of the guys I’ve played with before, with Antoine Walker (in Boston) and Al Harrington (in Indiana), and that will make this transition a good one for me. I think the fans will embrace my return to the local basketball scene. I got a lot of love from them during my two years at Georgia Tech and I expect them to do the same as I become a member of the Hawks.”

"They know me," Anderson said of the people of Atlanta. " I was a big stud at Georgia Tech, hitting 50 in the Omni, scoring a lot of points, exciting and all that. But it's a little different now. I really don't know what to expect. I was a little nervous [about coming to the Hawks] but I'll be alright."

Looks like Kenny will start, but check out the funny quote from his new head coach:
"I'm expecting them to play a little bit," he said, joking that he won't ride Anderson too much in training camp. "Kenny is the only legitimate point guard we have that's experienced enough to run a ball club [but] I can't burn him out. He's [darn] near older than I am."