Saturday, September 25, 2004

Where are they now - Chris Bosh

Looks like Bosh has bulked up over the summer - link here. However, the article seems to make a big deal over what amounts to about 5-10 pounds. I suppose if it's all muscle, that's good. I wouldn't consider it night-and-day. But then with Bosh's athleticism, that last thing you want is him running up-and-down the floor at 260lb - I guess.

One of his, and the club's, major hopes for the off-season was to gain a significant amount of weight through the summer. According to Bosh's agent, Henry Thomas, it's mission accomplished.

"He is well over 230 now," Thomas said. "And that's after working out really hard this summer."

Bosh was slated to attend the NBA Basketball Without Borders program in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sept. 6-10, but withdrew his participation.

"He really wanted to spend the last few days in Dallas (visiting family and working out) and then get to Toronto to start working out before training camp," Thomas said. "There's nothing more than that to it."

However, that news pales in comparison to the fact that he will NOT have to play center this season (at least full time). Not only does that better utilize his skills at PF, he will not have to take the pounding he did last year:
Araujo, whom the Raptors hope will be able to play a lot of minutes at centre this season, freeing Bosh up for the power forward position, spent most of the summer training in Los Angeles.