Monday, September 27, 2004

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Little Joe went from being the Colts #2 QB to being released. Why? Read here to find out. Basically they released him and re-signed him to the practice squad in a calculated risk to make room for two guys they wanted to sign. While it was believed he would be activated prior to the Green Bay game last weekend, evidently that did not happen.

So why do this to your "#2 QB"?? Well, maybe this is why - link here.

Sorgi impresses Dungy
Former Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Jim Sorgi has made a strong impression on Dungy. Sorgi, a sixth-round draft pick by the Colts last spring, is No. 3 on the team's depth chart behind Manning and Joe Hamilton.

"Jim does a great job and we really think he's going to be a quarterback of the future," said Dungy. "I don't know how near the future will be because of Peyton, but he played very well in the preseason. He's got much better arm strength than I was led to believe coming out of school. He can make all the throws and he's got a good understanding of offensive football. He finds a way to make things happen. He's a guy we really, really like."