Monday, September 27, 2004

New & Improved Tag-board

Ok, I finally found another tag-board service that seems to offer more, including:

1. No pop-ups and no potential for spyware / dialers, etc. (or so they say)
2. Archived history of posts that you can view (link to archive will be at bottom of box once there are enough posts)
3. Tells how many "users" are online.
4. You can delete your most recent post (click the X)
5. Use of smilies is easier
6. No posting limit on messages
7. Better customization for me
8. Put your cursor over someone's name to get the post date and time
9. Post boxes above the tag-board should be easier

I went ahead and re-entered the last 20 or so posts with the names just to keep the last discussion active.

So enjoy it, and we should all be happier with no pop-ups generated from my site now - or so it is supposed to be. Just let me know if there are problems.