Tuesday, September 14, 2004

GT / Clemson Post-game Analysis

Here is a very interesting article from Tigernet looking at the game again. Link here. Very interesting commentary. Here are the comments on not double-covering CJ at the end of the game:

The most common remark I’ve heard concerning the coaching is why Clemson didn’t double cover Calvin Johnson on the final play. After all, it sounds like the right thing to have done considering he’d already caught two touchdowns.

The problem with that is GT was operating on a short field. A fade route near the goal line works because safeties don’t have time to rotate and provide help. That’s the biggest reason why you see fades thrown almost exclusively in goal line situations.

In order to double cover Johnson Clemson would have literally had to walk another defender out there. Because the Jackets routinely use their backs as receivers and Ball is always a threat to run, taking away a defender could’ve opened up other possibilities.

Justin Miller, perhaps one of the best corners in the ACC and Clemson’s marquee defensive back, provided the coverage on that play. Had you asked any fan in orange before the game if they’d take the match up of Miller on a true freshman WR to decide the game, nearly every one of them would’ve said yes.

Take away the three spectacular touchdowns to Johnson and Clemson had a really good game defensively. Even on the scoring passes the Tiger defensive backs were in good position and had a chance to make a play. Lovette and his staff did a good job.
Ok, I cannot let that one go. "Take away the 3 TD's and Clemson had a good game defensively" ?????? What???? How about taking away the two big Clemson running plays because we had all the guys on the up front blitzing? You gonna take those away too?