Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hoops Team - Updated Vitals

Link to roster here. Someone at the Hive says these numbers were recently update.

Some interesting notes:

1. Anthony Morrow is up to 205lb. He was a pretty thin guy, so he seems to have gained some poundage. Hopefully it is muscle.

2. Jeremis Smith is listed at 6'6" 232lb. We heard reports over the summer that he was 6'7" 240lb, but evidently he shrunk. :-). Previous listings had him anywhere from 6'5" - 6'7" and 215-230lb.

3. Ra'Sean Dickey is shown at 6'9" 255lb. In a Q&A with Hewitt - link here - he said Dickey weighed in at 270lb and 6'9.5". Here's what Hewitt said:

"Ra'Sean Dickey is a talented scorer in the low post. I'm not sure if he's a four or a five. Right now, he's more of a five at 6-9 1/2, 270 he weighted in at. He's going to have to get in better shape. He's a big kid, but he carries the weight well. He's probably going to have to drop down to 255 or 250. But he's a talented scorer and an outstanding rebounder.
Now, I hope his updated listing at 255lb is a true "measure" of his hard work over the summer. If that is true, then it really helps me feel confident about his work ethic, which was evidently questioned at times during his high school career.

4. Zam "Buck" Fredrick is listed to 209lb, which is an a little bit down from other listings which ranged from 210-215.

5. Will Bynum is still listed at 6'0", making me question ALL these numbers. Bynum's heart is 6'0", but not the rest of him. :-).

6. Luke is in at 250lb, which I don't think is much different than last season. I guess I might have expected a few more pounds of muscle. Of course he may have added muscle and lost some fat.