Monday, September 27, 2004

McDonalds All-Americans - do they matter???

In hoops of course. Interesting look at the facts at an Arizona website. Link here. Here's part I of that article.

The Coach K’s and Roy Williams’ of the college basketball world have always had a stable full of thoroughbreds (100 combined over the last decade) and yet can’t come close to matching the success of Kentucky (18) and Connecticut (12) and Arizona (16).

The latter three programs have captured five of the last ten national titles and have done so with less than half as many McDonald’s All-Americans on their rosters as the powerful Duke-Kansas-UNC machine.

Total times the Blue Devils, Jayhawks or Tar Heels have cut down the nets since 1995: one. That’s 142 McDonald’s All-Americans split between three teams and they have one ring to show for it.

Again, Connecticut has two rings in the last five years and it has only had 12 Mickey D’s on its rosters dating back to 1995.

For the record, GT has NO McDonald All-Americans. Chris Bosh was the last one. Here is our full list all-time:

Kenny Anderson (1989), Indiana Pacers
Darryl Barnes (1989)
Travis Best (1991), Dallas Mavericks
Chris Bosh (2002)
Jason Collier (1996), Houston Rockets
Bruce Dalrymple (1983)
Duane Ferrell (1984), Golden State Warriors
James Forrest (1991)
Dion Glover (1997), Atlanta Hawks
Tom Hammonds (1985), Minnesota T'wolves
Stephon Marbury (1995), New York Knicks
Brian Oliver (1986), Washington Bullets
Dennis Scott (1987), Washington Wizards