Friday, September 17, 2004

Hoops Pre-season picks

Here is a look at some pre-season hoops prognosticators. Thanks to Yoni over at CollegeBallBlog - link here. Also, here is Slam Magazine's picks - link here.

So we have GT at:

2.....Gregg Doyel 4/6/04
2.....Dime Magazine 8/12/04
2.....Yoni (CollegeBallBlog) 5/24/04
3.....Andy Katz 4/5/04
4.....Andy Katz 7/19/04
4.....Slam Magazine
7.....Dick Vitale 8/12/04

What's interesting is that if you look at Yoni's list over at the Blog, GT probably has the tightest range of rankings. So everyone pretty much agrees that GT is a contender. Of course with a team that will have more experience than any other Paul Hewitt team and adding 4 new talented freshman, it is right to expect big things.

Of course, we know about high expectations - they are hard to acheive and particularly hard to beat. I want fans to keep something in mind. This Georgia Tech team, that played for the National Championship team, finished tied for THIRD in the ACC and didn't even make it to the conference finals.

So keep the excitement high and realize this team has a lot to acheive.