Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Recruiting - Hoops

Found this on a public forum - link here.

Bossi Quote (again FWIW)

"Georgia Tech is losing ground on Miles but does have an ace up their sleeve if they decide to use it. However, if Bell commits and they get Austin Jackson (which looks to be all but done) after his visit this weekend they may just decide to leave well enough alone and focus on getting a two big guys.

Most feel that he (jackson) is pretty much a done deal for Tech and if they get Bell too, I'd think they'll be happy with Bell, Clinch and Jackson. That would leave them with a couple of scholarships to chase after big guys. The caveat is that there is a very good chance that Jackson is able to negotiate it into the contract of whatever pro team drafts (for baseball) to pay his way for him and not cost them a scholarship. Still, I get more feeling that Tech may be conceding CJ a little and focusing on somebody like Andrew Bynum who they are making a lot of headway with."

Don't always believe what you read, but thought I would pass it along.