Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hoops: More on Portsmouth Invitational

A report on day one of the Portmouth Invitational, including reference to the list a names that pulled out, with particular attention to Will Bynum and BJ Elder:

First off, the semi-bad news is a few players have pulled out of the tournament, but maybe not as much or the ones that some of us expected. Some of these guys are players that I personally really wanted to see in such a competitive environment away from their teams, but decided to pull out for one reason or another. Some are undoubtedly making huge mistakes, but we'll have to wait until the Chicago list comes out before we can really decide. A few weren't really prospects anyway except possibly in their heads so losing them isn't such a big deal. This list of pull-outs includes players such as Daniel Ewing (Duke), Eddie Basden (Charlotte), Will Bynum (Georgia Tech), BJ Elder (Georgia Tech), Larry O'Bannon (Louisville), Ellis Myles (Louisville), Chevon Troutman (Pitt) and Rawle Marshall (Oakland).

Will Bynum is an especially surprising name to see on the pull out list. Unless he is injured (we'll find out tomorrow) there is absolutely no excuse for him not to be here. As a 5-9 SG that doesn't even start for his college team, he would not have made most top 100 lists of seniors to invite, so for him to withdraw has to be some kind of sick joke.

BJ Elder I believe is also making a huge mistake. He is a fringe prospect as it is as a 6-3 SG with limited athleticism, slashing ability, defense, and streaky shot. He should be here without a doubt.