Friday, April 15, 2005

Fooball Scrimmage

Final spring scrimmage Saturday - and it's open to fans. Some notes on the team::

1. Reggie Ball has distanced himself further as the #1 guy at QB
2. Although nobody is saying it flat out, James Johnson is looking like our #2 WR. He continues to impress in practice. D-Bo is certainly physically gifted, but seems to have a little trouble hanging onto the ball.
3. Tight End, Fullback and punter are the 3 positions still very up in the air.
4. Many players in our recent recruiting class have started to watch recent practices including Voss, M.Johnson, Howard, Dunmon, Sellers, Frierson, Martin and others.
5. T.Choice continues to impress. He just might move up the depth charts. He really is a player.
6. Kenny Scott looks like he might finally be turning into the bigtime cover db we always envisioned.