Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where are they now - Dereck Whittenburg

Looks like the former NCST Wolfpack player turned GT assistant coach is in a little hot water.

Following his stint playing at State, Whittenburg returned to Raleigh to coach under Valvano, before eventually spending five years on the staff of famed former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins. He then left to become the head coach at Wagner, where he did amazing things with the Seahawks program in turning around a terrible team and leading them to their first-ever NCAA Tournament bid in 2002-03.

Yet now, Dereck Whittenburg should be ashamed of himself, and for his program. To carry on like that in a small gym, with the season's first sell out crowd on hand, while he is trying to build a name for himself and establish trust with those in and around the Fordham program - which I might add is a Catholic institution - is not representative of the man I always thought Dereck Whittenburg was, and for that I'm disappointed as an Atlantic 10 beat writer, and as a college basketball fan.


As our astute readers have noticed, this editorial was written by someone represeting a UMass school paper. Well, UMass happened to lose to Fordham and MAYBE this is a little bit of sour grapes. See this completely different account of the game.

Another example showing the need to ALWAYS take anything you read with a grain of salt (except on this site of course).