Friday, February 18, 2005

Award for Stupid Headline of the week

Hate to do it to our friend Brian Murphy at the Macon Telegraph, but here's the headline:

Jack will make decision about jumping to the NBA early after season

Well, duh. How insightful. However, I am sure it wasn't Murphy that came up with that brilliance. The article itself is a good one, but no matter how hard Jarrett Jack tries to stay neutral, I cannot help but read between the lines and see that his primary choice will be to move on to the association. Hey, I hope not. But with Luke, Isma'il, T-Mac, Bynum and Elder all departing, will he want to be part of one rebuilding year? Remember, Jack came to GT because he saw an opportunity to be part of the re-birth of a program - to build something new....... and he did. Taking the Jackets to the National Championship game puts him in the elite in GT history.

The first question for Jarrett - what are you looking for in life? Is the NBA your ultimate dream or is getting your degree something that means a lot. Is cementing your legacy and having your number retired and put in the rafters important? Can you accept that the NBA will be there whenever you are ready, or do you worry about injury?

If the NBA is your real dream, then here is the real delimma - will you help your draft position by staying another year? That's a tough question and will require strong council from many people. I am sure Coach Hewitt will be busy trying to help him accurate determine draft position once the season is complete.

Whatever choice Jack makes, he has to make NO apologies. He has earned my respect and the respect of Jacket-nation. He is a playa, has heart and just wants to win. He's our guy. Jarrett, we selfishly want you back, but go with your heart..... (by the way, I hate saying "go with your heart", because inevitably it means bad news for Jacket fans).