Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Look back to 1960...

Not a good look back, but a look back at a GT / Florida football game:

In those days, freshman were ineligible. The Gators finished 9-2 his sophomore year. According to Libertore his first season was his best. Libertore, who was named SEC Sophomore of the Year, led UF to a win over Baylor in the Gator Bowl and was named MVP of the game. But when asked what his most memorable moment was, it wasn't a bowl win or winning any kind of award.

It was coming out on top in a game between his Gators and Georgia Tech in 1960. Georgia Tech led the Gators 17-10 with less than a minute remaining.

A young quarterback playing in his third game as a starter remained cool and led the Gators to a touchdown on an option pitch out to running back Lindy Infante. Infante's score brought UF to within one. The Gators had a chance to beat the No. 3 ranked Yellow Jackets at Florida Field. So instead of going for the tie, head coach Ray Graves went for two and Libertore completed the comeback with a pass to fullback John McBeth. UF won 18-17.

"That game was real thrill," Libertore said. "It's something I'll always remember."